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I've actually been pretty inactive with the industry as of late. I've had other projects and changes in life's repsonsibilities. I leave the site up because I may return to it at some point, but for now I'm letting the dust settle with what other people are offering and where the market is for R parts and engine services. So for now, I have to say the timeline is indefinite, but my heart is still there.

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1) When people talk about two strokes, they talk about the very good power to weight, size and complexity ratio. If your objective in design needs those things, then you've found the better engine. 
 2) When people talk about four strokes, they talk about reliability, economy and superior emissions adherence. If your objective in design needs in those things, then you've found the better engine. 
 3) Making a four stroke engine bigger until you gain an edge in power over a two stroke does not make it a better engine for power, just like making a two stroke smaller to make it use less fuel doesn't make it a better engine for fuel economy and emissions.
The 2stroke engine despite today's campaigns for pro 4stroke consumerism is a lighter weight, less complicated and by far, cheaper platform to build a racing chassis around. In addition, CC for CC 2strokes make more power than 4strokes typically by about 33% AND with a more simple design.
Although All250R 2-Stroke Motorsports can be considered a Honda TRX250R roots effort, All250R welcomes and pursues all useful content related to the preservation, development and usage of all 2stroke engines. Other related usages such as the ATC, CR motorcycle, Suzuki quadracer, Banshee and next generation DI platforms. The 2stroke platform is one of the most popular, usable and flexible small racing and utility engines ever created. Superiority through simplicity.

The 4 Years of the Unsurpassed TRX250R

No other sport quad will ever be made with the pure spirit of quality and appropriately applied design than the TRX250R.

The very first TRX250R - 1986. The 86 and 87 came in white with red or blue.

The 87 displayed slightly different graphics and a few relatively minor modifications (click for the larger other pic)

The 88 looked very different and with the shortened swingarm, handled a bit different too (click for the large version).

The 89 displayed different graphics and color from the 88 but with a couple minor upgrades to minor parts, was largely unchanged. The sales brochure is reduced in half from the 88 mirroring Honda's plan to end production of the most enduring and pure racing quad ever mass produced (click for the large version).