Available: Highest quality TRX250R reproduction wiring harness available, using genuine OE and OEM parts

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Email to inquire or order:86-88, 89, red, blue, or black $285

ring sealed cover
OE sealed coil boots and terminals
durable labels
tail power
color or black options
tail power
OE/Japan terminals and housings
compare to OE
compare to OE (thicker gauge ignition)
compare to OE
compare to OE
compare to OE


 1 All Black
 2 Red Accent
 3 Blue Accent
 88 or 89 style
*88 style will work on 86/7

Main quality features:
 * All precision parts are OE or OEM, Japan or US, (not reproduction)
  This helps ensure dimensions, tolerances, terminal plating are within OE/OEM specification and quality assurance standards
 * All lengths and fitment within 2mm of OE harness
 * Overall quality exceeds the OE Honda harness

 All connector housings: OE
 All connector pins, coil/flag terminals, and bullets: OE or OEM
 Ring terminal: made in Japan
 Bullet and flag terminal boots (sealed black): OE
 Bullet boots taillight (sealed clear): made in Japan
 Wire: made in US
 Heatshink: OEM made in Japan
 Black connector boot: made in Taiwan, the only reproduction part

Wire quality:
 Wires have more copper than OE particularly in ignition and lighting circuits
 Wiring insulator is cross linked polyethelene, more durable than OE insulation

Other quality:
 No solder. All terminals are crimped like OE
 All electrical joints are sealed after crimping to prevent corrosion
 Stator connector boot sealed on top side to reduce water incursion

 OE: Original Equipment - the same part that came from Honda
 OEM: OE Manufacturer - not the same part that came from Honda, but makes other OE parts
 For less expensive options that have a good reputation, see South Texas Banshee